Dynamic support for your communications

Customer Services are referred to as Inbound services. These queries are usually related to account questions, technical support, sales, products or general company information. Call Team Communication provides dynamic support for all your inbound communications aimed towards generating profits. Our services are designed to meet your exact requirements and ensuring that you manage your customer relationships successfully. You can trust us – our experienced professionals know just how to deal with utmost efficiency and promptness, thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

With our Inbound Services we promise the following:

  • - Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • - Increased Service Quality
  • - Increased Revenue
  • - Reduced Operation Costs

We act as an extension of your company by retaining your current customer base and bringing in new customers through new marketing strategy for your product and services. Our Inbound Call Center Services includes:

  • - Answering Service
  • - Customer Service
  • - Help Desk / Technical Support
  • - Inquiry Handling
  • - Inbound Sales
  • - Order Taking

We provide outstanding, multi-lingual, 24/7x365 telephone answering services to any business across the World, combining advanced technology with the Industry standard customer service geared towards providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Call Team Communication ensures maximum phone productivity, better market coverage, faster ramp-up of new campaigns, higher lead generation and increased sales. These are only some of the reasons that make us the best choice for our clients.

Our Inbound Services are designed using lawrapper software programs and infrastructure. The voice quality is unparalleled because of our IP based network – your customers will think they are calling next door! We ascertain 24/7x365 availability and 99% uptime on all our services.

If this gets you interested, talk to us today about your specific needs.